Thursday, January 4, 2018

Blockchain Security with Facets



The product is still in a design phase. Encryption infrastructure has largely been decided and two existing user interfaces built for earlier products are being reviewed as design guidance. 


FaceBuxx will be released in beta as a user interface allowing simple installation and use for security items that have been challenging even for experts.

The initial facets will be aimed at secure communications and data storage. Secure in this case meaning private, verifiable and fault tolerant. You can send a copy of a legal document without worrying that it will be seen, tampered with or destroyed. You can send a private message with confidence that it cannot be intercepted or even followed. Nobody knows even if you sent a message let alone to whom it was sent.

It is expected that this will move quickly once funded. Most of the difficult technical bits are already in existence and the initial vision is sufficiently modest that a beta product should be available to a small group late in Q4/2018. Update: 2021 -- this is on hold pending development of other related code. 

Product name FaceBuxx

Facebuxx stands for 'Facet Buxx'.

Facets are the points of entry into a single user interface that backs on to secure, private data controlled on a 'per facet basis'.

Buxx is a corruption of 'buck/bucks' as a singular and/or a plural for multiple things at the same time.

One meaning of 'buck':

Informal. to resist or oppose obstinately; object strongly:

FaceBuxx is about allowing you to resist encroachments on your privacy and to secure your information against damage.

The reference to blockchain and by inference to digital cash refers to the fact that a facet could be digital transactions. It also refers to the fact that it is built on the underlying security that protects digital cash.